Pariyatti exists to bring people into contact with the teachings of the Buddha. We provide resources in the Theravāda tradition and support Pāli language students and Vipassana meditators, in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin as taught by S.N. Goenka. We serve meditators, scholars, educators, and the public by providing ready access to hard-to-find titles and a large collection of online resources. Our main warehouse is located in Hillsboro, Oregon, USA. We have another storage/day-11 sales location in Onalaska, Washington, USA. 
We have a job opening for the Hillsboro location. The main responsibilities for the role are fulfilling online orders, serving walk-in customers, and collaborating with remotely based colleagues.

If working in our Hillsboro warehouse on a part-time basis sounds like something you would like to do, we would love to hear from you! 
We are looking for a self-motivated and organized multitasker as the job duties are diverse—they include:
○ Pulling books for fulfilling orders
○ Keeping various size boxes in stock
○ Printing packing slips and stamps for shipping
○ Accurately weighing filled boxes and entering that information into a spreadsheet
○ Keeping track of shipping times for various shipping companies and delivering the packages to the couriers (e.g. USPS, DHL, UPS) for shipment 
○ Ordering packing supplies and office supplies
○ Collecting supplies from our Onalaska warehouse
○ Putting away supplies in their proper place
○ Keeping areas clean and organized
○ Paying invoices using a company issued credit card
○ Submitting credit card reconciliation on time to our accountant
○ Counting inventory
○ Providing photographs for social media posts or for website merchandise updates
○ Ensuring the bookstore security system is running without issue

There will be no one else on site, so this role includes the responsibility for managing any issues that crop up.

General working hours are 8–11am on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. No orders are fulfilled on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Actual working hours may vary depending on the amount of orders received. 

Must be willing to start at 8am or earlier. An 8am start is ​required coordinating with a colleague in India at the start of the working day is essential (the time difference is either 12.5 or 13.5 hours (depending on daylight savings) ahead of Oregon.
Must be accountable and punctual.
Must be able to work independently to fulfil orders.
Must have good customer service and phone skills.
Must be inclusive of all people’s cultures and nationalities.
Must be or become proficient with using a computer and office technology (e.g. Google Docs/Sheets, Google Drive, printer, scanner, iPad, Square, WhatsApp).
Must be willing to learn processes, procedures and software that Pariyatti uses (e.g. Asana, Quickbooks, LastPass).
Must be able to stand for an extended period of time and lift approximately 50 pounds (infrequently).
Must own a car as trips to Onalaska, WA, will be required from time to time.

● $15 per hour training wage
● $20 per hour once fully trained

We are looking for the right candidate to start training in early April and take over the role by mid-April.

Please fill out the Join Us form; please detail why you would be a good fit, taking the requirements above into account.

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