Transmission of Gratitude

By | 6/20/2023
Transmission of Gratitude
Andrée François

True Heritage

By | 6/20/2023

Like an old friend,
a friend you may have forgotten momentarily,
but whom you remember with joy,
whom you greet with an expressive hug,
like this is one’s own purification
when a word of Dhamma is heard,
when a Blessed One’s image is seen.

The Importance of Friendship, Harmony, and Right Speech, Part 2 of 2

By | 6/20/2023
Many years ago, in the 1980s, when Goenkaji was first appointing Assistant Teachers, he was asked about the qualities needed for this position. His answer surprised me. He could have said, “The person must have deep meditation, must have a good understanding of Dhamma…”– all those kinds of things. But he didn’t. He said the single most important thing was for an AT to not develop or nurture a group of students around him who would admire him, support him whatever he does, and follow him everywhere. In other words, no groupism. If an AT is trying to do that, they are not practicing Dhamma.

Dhamma Willing

By | 6/8/2023
Dhamma willing as a notion is naturally a play on the more well-known and frequently used phrases like “God willing” or “Inshallah.” These and countless other similar legislates imply that instead of tossing and turning in times of great difficulty or dilemma, it’s optimal to surrender to some higher power that we trust or respect as a general maximum to living a stress-free life.

Meditation Atmosphere

By | 6/8/2023
Meditation Atmosphere
David Aron

I Know a Place

By | 6/8/2023
I know a place
Where the land is pure
And eagle soar,
Where the mountains surround you
And the silence astounds you,
Its like no place you’ve ever been before.
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