Dhamma Service

By | 6/22/2022


By | 6/22/2022
Day Zero. My hand shoots up ‘enthusiastically and emphatically’ (the centre manager’s words) when the request for an old student to sound the first gong is asked for. In the lead up, I have tried not to let thoughts roll around in my head of ’do I really want to’, or ‘will anyone else want to’. I am happy to give way — especially if another student has never gonged before. This time I am the only female volunteer. I request an additional alarm clock.

Let’s Talk About Mettā and Service

By | 6/22/2022

During a recent committee meeting at my local Dhamma center, we discussed alternative ways to encourage service because our meditation center, like many other Dhamma centers, is working through server shortages. This essay is my attempt to dive deeper into mettā and service and how they are essential for a complete practice.


By | 6/4/2022


By | 6/4/2022

This mind 

waits to enlight,

to befriend.

Simply remains still

holding close,

for a moment of awareness from within.

The Big Umbrella

By | 6/4/2022

Elaborating on the assertion that all beings seek happiness, the Buddha declared it impossible for anyone to be truly happy if he or she does not refrain from whatever harms the peace and harmony of others.

Since his teaching entered my life, I have recognized in my quest for personal happiness a social responsibility: my duty to be happy for the welfare of others. After all, no-one is interested in the hurtful things that I sometimes say about them, in enduring my blame and annoyance, in witnessing my worries and anxiety attacks, or in my insistence that things go my way.

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