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Goenkaji First Steps Foot on the Land

By | 3/29/2024
December 16, 1973, was the last day of my first meditation course at the Bhatia Sanatorium, a resort in nearby Deolali. That day, we new students learned that Goenkaji was looking for land, not too far from Mumbai, for a Vipassana centre. After breakfast, Bhojraj Sancheti and I met with him and suggested that there were some properties in nearby Igatpuri that might be suitable. We requested Guruji to pause on his way to Mumbai and visit them for a few minutes later that day. At first he declined, but then gave in to our entreaties. We were happy to hear this and broke the news to our fellow students. Most were heading elsewhere, but after learning of Guruji's intention, one of them, Rangil Mehta, a friend of Bhojraj, revised his plans and offered to give us a lift to Igatpuri since he too was headed to Mumbai.
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