Hut by the Stream

By | 1/22/2022

An Ode to Vipassana Centres

By | 1/22/2022
It can be overwhelming to think about the unfairness of life, the complexity of its problems, the impossibility of solutions, and the ignorance, irrationality, pettiness and selfishness of humans, myself included. But it helps to remember Vipassana centers, places that do makessense. Places that seem too good to be true. Unrealistic. A system, an environment, an organization that I would never believe to be true without first-hand experience.

Webu's Meditation Hut

By | 1/22/2022


Dedication: I think of Webu’s sick-bed inside his dwelling, the renovated meditation hut next door that we could share. Beyond a  devotional exercise, which is present, the following explores an underlying feeling of strangeness, or perhaps it’s an unfamiliarity that doesn’t feel strange, or unpleasant to experience. It reaches into a gratitude that wants to be precisely expressed.

Observing the Flow

By | 1/14/2022

In Hot Water

By | 1/14/2022
In January 1973, at the Burmese Vihāra in the village of Bodh Gayā, Goenkaji conducted a nine-day course after his annual self-course. In those days the Vihāra consisted of a walled compound containing a main, two-story, concrete building for the few monks who resided there, workers' quarters and kitchen, a dozen or so brick-and-thatch huts, and a cowshed.


By | 1/14/2022

It hurts.

It hurts to confront myself.

It’s not rainbows and butterflies.

There are parts of me that I don’t want to look at…that I’ve protected…that I hide from the world and from myself.

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