Riding the Waves of Samsara

By | 4/8/2022

On birth waters giving
way to ruptured membranes

the waves of samsara

Crying with pain Luz Donis
not knowing
what is to gain

riding the waves of samsara

Tsunami like when ire
cracks the crust
of the earth

riding the waves of samsara

Crashing against rocks breaking
away ignorance

riding the waves of samsara

Bobbing, taking
in water
with impotence

riding the waves of samsara
Cast away, reading

blurred points
on a moral compass

riding the waves of samsara

Bored with still waters
rocked and lulled
to complacency
no anchor
no refuge

riding the waves of samsara

Finished with floundering
balanced on an edge
of surface tension

Surfing and riding on
the waves of samsara


Date: 4/9/2022

BRAVO! Wonderfully written 🙏🏽 Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom.!

Date: 4/29/2022

A beautiful description of this journey! Anicca.

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