Removing Fetters

By | 11/23/2022

All arises and passes away Luz Donis
nothing stays the same way,
with this you don’t play
there’s no way to stay.

It’s all about Karma
on the path of Dharma.
Cause and effect invoked,
what I do matters
my life is in tatters.

One day, I caught a glance
this thing called impermanence,
so I made it my stance.
Watching pleasure and pain
there’s a balance to gain.

Once provoked
now unmoving,
takes proving.

Breathing my breath
is all I have left,
everything is lighter
my grip no longer tighter.

Selflessness, a love
that rises above,
a perfection, a parami
extended to all that be.

In silence, insights unveil
ultimate truth without fail.
This walk I have chosen
wisdom interwoven.


Date: 12/9/2022

Beautiful and inspiring!

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