By | 7/18/2022
10 days at sea, 
adrift I float,
Secure and serene in my 
Dhamma boat. Wayne Briscoe

Though the waves tower high,
Though the wind does whip,
Nothing can disturb me 
In my unsinkable ship.

Consumed by the wonder 
Mind an ink black sky, 
Calmer than the doldrums,
No me, no mine, no I.

Equanimity to calamity 
I smile and I stand fast,
Knowing all is changing. 
Let me see how long it lasts.

Loving kindness, joy,
So happy just to witness it. 
Compassion dwarfs the sea, 
Grateful for the gift of it.

Dhamma brothers and sisters,
A humble bow to all,
Sitting with one mind
In the Dhamma hall.

One True Refuge, 
Three Precious Gems, 
Four Noble Truths, 
Begin again.

Watch it arise,
Then pass like clouds 
On pristine skies.


Date: 7/24/2022

Lovely. Thank you for sharing this!

Date: 8/14/2022

Oh yes it describes it perfectly! Gave me chills!

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