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By | 12/31/2022

No Fear of Missing Out, Sara Winick-Herrington

be aware of what’s happening within,

a constant flow of changing cells,

and morphing of the skin. 


The things we tend to focus on,

like who has what and such,

is all distraction from your truth,

it tampers with your gut. 


Parties come, and fashion goes,

materials look like bliss,

you can try to spend your money here,

but you can’t buy happiness. 


So dive into your beating heart,

dissect your scheming thoughts,

know that things beyond this place,

will throw you in chaos. 


Your purpose here is one of peace,

may no comparisons begin,

you might miss out on a gentle life,

drenched in Love, which always wins. 




Date: 1/31/2023

Thank you.

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