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My Mind

By | 3/5/2022

My mind races and rides
through its maze byzantine
as it reads the blogs and views
of people on the news. Annandhi Chandrasekaran

Drawn out from its peaceful
reverie, it jumps through hoops
to find its niche to shine,
write its own blogs and views
for other to read.

"Stop this running, mind!"
I scream.
Just let me be. Breathe.
And lead a life of simplicity.

"What?" Says the mind
"No glory, for the world to see?
No one will ever know,
You lived and loved me."

"Who is the me, mind?", I ask
And silence I hear, as the mind
races and rides once again
through its maze byzantine.


Benjamin Brashear
Date: 3/22/2022

This spoke to me. Thank you!

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