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I Know a Place

By | 6/8/2023

I know a place Hannah Menelaws
Where the land is pure
And eagles soar,
Where the mountains surround you
And the silence astounds you,
It's like no place you’ve ever been before.

I know a place
Where gray geese flock
And molten lava rock
Once rose from the core and covered the floor,
Where sandhill cranes dance
And old friends gather by chance,
A place that is sure to allure.

I know a place
Where it is safe to exist
For those set adrift
By a life that’s become more like a chore,
Where kind eyes greet you
And presence meets you,
In each being that opens the door.

I know a place
Where you may observe sensations
And feel the vibrations
Of this being you call yours.

Where nature manifests itself
And an anxious mind may rest itself,
In peace, till’ its restored.

Now would you like to know
This place I so adore?
Ahh, ehi pasiko!
A 10-day course you must endure!


Sanjay PS
Date: 6/28/2023

Timely is the help of Dhamma , in both letter and spirit 🙏🏾💎💎💎🙏🏾

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