Dwelling in the Mettā-Verse

By | 1/19/2024

While it is likely that humankind will continue to pursue alternative or altered forms of reality through virtual or imposed means as a form of escape from their mundane existence and providers of such services will feed off of the dissatisfaction we experience in a real world, a different universe of positive energy is available to use if we can tune our inner antennas to the forces of Mettā.

Mettā is the Pāli word for loving kindness or friendly vibes towards others. Most of us (meditators or otherwise), naturally can try to cultivate feelings of harmony and kinship towards others as we aim to live a peaceful life in a social construct. What is noteworthy, however, is that through purifying one’s mind of defilements such as greed, fear, anger, hatred, lust, our ability to attract this fount of friendly vibrations continues to rise and then such energy flows freely from our being through compassionate acts and sympathetic joy.

As our own sense of individualism in an egotistical manner diminishes through the realization of the universal nature of dukkha that we all suffer from, our ability to harmonize and resonate with the feelings of others increases progressively to a point where we no longer draw boundaries between joy or sorrow experienced by oneself or another.

And the proactive process of channeling the energy of Mettā through oneself creates a multiplication effort of such positive forces being drawn towards us and us towards them. We then start to more easily shed any negative experiences ourselves as they appear incoherent relative to the feelings of abundance from within the broader universe to which we find ourselves more integrally connected within.

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