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Old Students

The following password-protected page is intended for Old Students of Vipassana Meditation as taught by S.N. Goenka. If you have questions please email us at or call 360.978.4998.

Use the same password used by Old Students at

Discourses from the 10-day Vipassana course are not restricted to Old Students, and may be found here on the public pages of the Pariyatti Web site.

For books of particular interest to Old Students that are also available to the general public, please visit the Vipassana Meditation-Recommended section.

Free publications in Spanish are available for download on the Spanish Old Students' Website

Can I copy Old Student CDs & MP3s and give them to friends?

We are often asked that question. We understand the desire to make Dhamma materials available to all. However, we ask you to understand the following.

Your purchases help make it possible for Pariyatti to exist. If Pariyatti did not exist, it would be very difficult to find many of the other titles that we carry - - especially the Old Student materials, and especially in the West. We hope you understand that, by purchasing these items rather than freely copying them, you are helping us make them more easily available to all.

Please respect the copyright of the Vipassana Research Institute. Experience has taught us that unless there is an assertion of copyright, some people will take Goenkaji's writings and recordings and use them for their own purposes. By maintaining the copyright we are helping to protect the integrity of the Vipassana technique, because only those who have actually completed the ten-day course will be able to properly utilize the instructions.

Read more about copyrights.