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Tipitaka PTS (Pali Canon English Translation) - 42 Books
Tipitaka PTS (Pali Canon English Translation) - 42 Books
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Publisher: Pali Text Society Drop Shipments
Product Type: Hardcover Book
Weight (Pounds): 68.0
Language: English
Item Id: PTS:13XXE2
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This is the English translation of the Tipitaka. Books are listed by the English title with the Pali title in parenthesis. This set includes:

From the Vinaya-pitaka:
1. Book of Discipline, 6-volume set (Vinaya-pitaka)

From the Sutta-pitaka:

2. Book of Gradual Sayings, 5-volume set (Anguttara-nikaya)
3. Book of Kindred Sayings, 5-volume set (Samutta-nikaya)
4. Dialogues of the Buddha, 3-volume set (Digha-nikaya)
5. Elders Verses, 2 volume set (Therigatha/Theragatha)
6. Group of Discourses (Suttanipata)
7. Itivuttaka
8. Jataka, 3-volume set
9. Middle Length Sayings, 3-volume set (Majhima-nikaya)
10. Minor Anthologies, Volume III (Buddhavamsa/Cariyapitaka)
11. Minor Readings (Khuddakapatha)
12. Path of Discrimination (Patisambhidamagga)
13. Peta Stories (Petavatthu)
14. Udana
15. Vimana Stories (Vimanavatthu)
16. Word of the Doctrine (Dhammapada)
Nidessa, No PTS translation yet available
Apadana, No PTS translation yet available

From the Abhidhamma-pitaka:
17. Book of Analysis (Vibhanga)
18. Buddhist Psychological Ethics (Dhammasangani)
19. Conditional Relations, 2-volume set (Tikapatthana)
20. Designation of Human Types (Puggalapannatti)
21. Discourse on Elements (Dhatukatha)
22. Points of Controversy (Kathavatthu)
Yamaka: No PTS translation yet available
Dukapatthana: No PTS translation yet available

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