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Pali Primer
Pali Primer
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Author: Lily de Silva
Publisher: Vipassana Research Institute
Publication Date: 1/1/98
Product Type: Softcover Book
Pages: 152
Weight (Pounds): 0.54
ISBN 13: 978-81-7414-014-2
ISBN 10: 817414014X
Item Id: 14014X
An introduction to Pāli grammar for beginners, based on the principle of teaching grammar through composition using a gradually expanding vocabulary. Exercises requiring translation from and into Pāli form an integral part of each lesson. Thirty-two lessons in Pāli compiled by Lily de Silva, published by Vipassana Research Institute.
For answers to the exercises, and a list of errors occurring in the Pāli Primer with corrections, see the Key to Pāli Primer.
The Pāli Primer is designed as a convenient stepping stone to more advanced works such as A.K. Warder's Introduction to Pāli.