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Minor Readings and the Illustrator
Minor Readings and the Illustrator
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Author: Nanamoli, Bhikkhu
Publisher: Pali Text Society
Publication Date: 1/1/05
Product Type: Hardcover Book
Weight (Pounds): 1.33
Language: English
ISBN 13: 978-086013023-9
ISBN 10: 860130231
Item Id: PTS:130231
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The first book of the Khuddaka-nikāya of the Sutta-piṭaka - a translation of the Khuddakapatha, the shortest book in the Pali Tipitaka, and the Paramatthajotika, a commentary on it by Buddhaghosa (5th century C.E.). It appears to have been designed as a primer for novice monks and nuns. In nine short passages it covers the basic topics that one would need to know in beginning Buddhist monastic life.