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Life of the Buddha - According to the Pali Canon - PDF eBook

Life of the Buddha - According to the Pali Canon - PDF eBook
According to the Pāli Canon
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Author: Bhikkhu Nanamoli
Publisher: Pariyatti
Imprint: BPS Pariyatti Editions
Publication Date: 12/1/10
Product Type: PDF eBook
Pages: 402
ISBN 13: 978-1-928706-97-7
ISBN 10: 1928706975
Item Id: 769999

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This biography of the Buddha is drawn from the original Pali texts and arranged in a way that tells the story of the Buddha's life while explaining his teaching. Though born a prince surrounded by luxury, Gotama Buddha was transformed by realizing that no one escapes suffering. He found, and for the remainder of his life taught, the answer to the great question: Is there a way out of this cycle? This unique biography presents the oldest authentic record of the Buddha's life and revolutionary philosophy. Vivid recollections of his personal attendant Ananda and other disciples bring the reader into the Buddha's presence, where his example offers inspiration and guidance on the path to freedom.

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Customer Reviews
Arguably the most definitive of the biographies of Siddhartha Gotama
  Arguably the most definitive of the biographies of Siddhartha Gotama, this book is also a fine introduction to the Pali Canon. The Theravadin tradition of Buddhism, whose scriptures are preserved in the Pali Canon, is considered by modern scholars to be the most authentic representation of the teachings spoken by the actual Buddha. Since a chronological sequence in the Canon is far from explicit, the work is then intended to be as accurate a presentation of the Buddha's life as could be drawn out from the existing materials.   The Pali Canon itself was preserved by oral tradition for approximately 500 years before it was put down in writing, so the language is rendered in such a way as to make it amenable to memorization. Nanamoli's text, due to the repetitive nature of the oral tradition that preserved it, is thus written in an austere language that can be, at times, tedious. The work should not be criticized on this account since it was intended to be an accurate translation of the original texts, which were preserved in this fashion. The Life of the Buddha is an excellent introduction to the Pali Canon for those who wish to study the most authentic and ancient of the Buddhist teachings.
  Reviewed by:  David from Foreword Magazine.
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