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Journal, Pali Text Society Vol 11
Journal, Pali Text Society Vol 11
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Author: Pali Text Society
Publisher: Pali Text Society
Product Type: Hardcover Book
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Language: English
ISBN 13: 978-086013271-4
ISBN 10: 860132714
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CONTENTS OF THE JOURNAL OF THE Pali Text Society, Vol. XI, 1987
Old Bodies Like Carts (Richard Gombrich);Namartipasamaso by Khema (tr. Hammalava Saddhatissa);The Summary of Mind and Matter (tr. hammalava saddhatissa);Pali Lexicographical Studies IV: Eleven Pali Etymologies (K.R. Norman)(=akkhi(n), ajjhabhava, anugiyanti, anuvicca, gotra-bhu, panabhu/panabhuta, rattannu, vari, bunhi, santhana, sotthana);Kalyanamitta and Kalyanamittata (Steven Collins):Three sopulds, One or None: The Vagaries of a Pali Pericope (Richard bombrich):Minor Pali grammar texts: The saddabindu and Its 'New' commentary (ed. Friedgard Lottermoser);the Oldest Dated Manuscript of the Milindhapanha (O. von Hinuber);References to Pali in 17th-Century French Books (William Pruitt);Pancagatidipani (tr. Ann Appleby Hazlewood.)