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Book of Kindred Sayings Vol 5
Book of Kindred Sayings Vol 5
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Author: Woodward, F.L.
Publisher: Pali Text Society
Publication Date: 1/1/97
Product Type: Hardcover Book
Pages: 436
Weight (Pounds): 1.44
Language: English
ISBN 13: 978-086013012-3
ISBN 10: 860130126
Item Id: 130126
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The collection of discourses in the Sutta Pitaka known as Samyutta Nikaya has 7,762 suttas of varied length, generally short, arranged in a special order according to subject matter into five major divisions. The fifth division, the Mahavagga, or great section, is made up of twelve samyuttas, that deal the Noble Eightfold Path (magga), the Seven Factors of Enlightenment (bojjhanga), the Four Establishment of Mindfulness (satipatthana), the Faculties (indriya), the Four Right Striving (sammappadhana), the Five Powers (bala), the Four Bases for Spiritual Power (iddhipada), Anuruddha discourses, the Jhanas, Mindfulness of Breathing (anapana), Factors of Stream-entry (sotapatti) and the Truths (sacca).

The PTS Pali edition is called Samyutta-nikaya, Vol I
For the complete set of PTS translations of Samyutta-nikaya, see Kindred Sayings, 5 Vol. Set